The rush to be well

For this week’s blog, I wanted to focus on time and the rush to be well.

As humans, we’re an impatient bunch! This applies to many areas of our life including our health, and it’s something I see in my clients time and again.  They come to me with various health concerns such as gastritis, IBS, hormone imbalances, anxiety and depression that they’ve been battling with for years (sometimes decades!) and yet they want me to help them be well within weeks!

No different to weight loss in a sense, in that weight creeps up over time but then we want to lose it quickly/within weeks which is neither healthy nor realistic. 

I completely understand why.  Once we’ve taken the decision to ‘get well’, usually because we’ve had enough of feeling rubbish or perhaps our health is getting worse, it is made with such determination that it becomes empowering and suddenly you’re on a mission!

As Tony Robbins says, in order to make everlasting change one has to either experience enough pain that you have to move away from it or such immense pleasure that you always want that high or happiness and so you do whatever you can to retain that state.  However, it does take time (and patience) especially when dealing with mental health or a health symptom that has been plaguing you for years.

Our health is a bit like an onion, in that you start to work on one layer and as that peels away, there’s another layer underneath which is similar but slightly different.  This may then require a different approach in your diet and lifestyle until you reach the next layer, and so on ...

Yes with the right help and guidance, improvements can be seen or felt quite quickly but for lasting change we need months and sometimes years to heal.

Taking time to rest, eat well and sleep well, for the body is an amazing thing that will respond when you start to give it what it needs.

It's brilliant that you’ve decided to do something positive for you and your health, now give yourself permission to take as much time as YOU need (not what someone else needs or some diet plan says you need) to heal.