Bikini diets?!

Even just the word 'bikini diet' fills me with dread.  Don't get me wrong, there have been many a year when I used to succumb to the pressure of going on holiday and feeling like I had to lose weight, tone up and apply the fake tan before I'd even packed my suitcase, but as I've got older (and wiser) there is so much wrong with the pressure that as women we get put under to achieve a bikini body EVERY summer.

Having previously worked in media, I know that this pressure starts around May/June time and builds as the summer progresses.  Magazines, online media channels and Insta stars alike start touting the latest 28-day plans or drop a dress size in time for the beach.  'Get a Love Island body' I found to be particularly troublesome!

Why? Because the 'bikini body' doesn't exist and was made up by a weight loss brand back in the 60s, and more importantly it absolutely undermines women in so many ways.  Rather than celebrating our many different shapes and sizes, we spend the summer trying to conform to a figure that is unrealistic and unhealthy, mentally and physically.

In the UK, we have one of the lowest self esteem rates in Europe, our mental health is plummeting from all the stress and social media pressure, and now we have to worry about whether we look good in a bikini or not?!

If this is ringing a bell, then have a read of my latest article for ALT Healthy about ways you can dodge the annual bikini diet pressure and actually enjoy your holiday, rather than covering up and hiding in the shade.

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*Photo by Artem Bali from Pexels