Obesity is only caused because people eat too much?!

If only weight loss were that simple! 

Waking up this morning I was enraged to see BBC presenter Michael Buerk’s recent comments about obesity and how those who are overweight are not only “weak, not ill” but also that “you’re fat because you eat too much”.

Buerk has shown such prejudice and a real lack of understanding about obesity as it is often complex and multi-layered.  Many factors come into play such as income, education, access to health resources and also emotional and mental factors and it is not just as simple as cutting down on what they are eating.

I work with clients with complex overeating disorders and behaviours which makes eating compulsive, just like someone with a gambling or alcohol addiction who needs to keep going back for their next high.  They are often controlled by overwhelming thoughts about food and have spent years if not decades going through diet after diet and periods of restriction and overeating.

For example, I have worked with a client who had a very traumatic childhood growing up in an abusive household, but fatty foods were associate with good times and treats, and so as an adult now they will often eat those foods again in a bid to feel good when times are bad or stressful now.

I would like Michael Buerk to try on a fat suit! 

Trying on a 10kg fat suit as part of my Eating Disorder training in 2018

Trying on a 10kg fat suit as part of my Eating Disorder training in 2018

German medical students have been made to wear a “fat suit” as part of a study to destigmatise overweight patients.  I too wore one on one of my training courses. Wear one and then call obese people “lazy”! 

The extra pressure and exertion that carrying this “fat” creates is way more than you would think, making it very hard to move (not impossible though!) and putting real strain on joints such as knees and backs. 

Hence why anyone who is significantly overweight has to start slowly with any exercise programme, which may only be a 5 minute walk. 

(By the way, if you want inspiration about how anyone who is overweight can lose weight, check out @thatbigguy700 on Insta or go to www.thatbigguy.net and see how Maynor De Leon, who weighed in at 700lb (50st) has lost over 200lb so far).

Do not assume that just because someone is overweight that it’s as simple as reducing what they are eating. 

There are so many emotional and social factors at play, and yes there are bound to be a few who just are lazy but then there are also some slim people who can eat what they want and don’t exercise who we consider just as unhealthy, they just got dealt a different set of genes.  

Don’t judge – you have no idea what battles someone may be going through.

More importantly, if you want help or support with overcoming compulsive or binge eating then please do get in touch.  I work with my clients using nutrition and hypnotherapy together to help reset old emotions and behaviours, whilst educating and improving what and when you eat so that you can create a healthier relationship both with yourself and with your food. You honestly do not have to stay stuck in this cycle.