Executive Nutrition from the comfort of your office.

Whether you’re a Chief Exec, Director or Manager, the relentless pace of business life can prove challenging with increased stress and pressure, meetings and client entertaining and yet not enough hours in the day!  Managing the juggle too often means your own health takes a back seat. 

With over 18 years’ previous experience in advertising, and over 10 years working as a nutritional therapist in the corporate sector, I understand first-hand how easy it is to neglect your personal health and wellness with a demanding career. 

That’s why I offer private and confidential nutrition consultations from the comfort of your office or online. We’ll work together to produce a bespoke nutrition plan that slots seamlessly into your lifestyle and better manages those stress levels as well as any other health concerns.

My personalised, private functional nutrition and lifestyle consultations can help you:

  • Improve clarity and focus

  • Sleep better

  • Manage your weight or promote weight loss

  • Better manage your cholesterol and blood pressure

  • Improve digestion and IBS or other digestive issues

  • Achieve better mental health and stress management

  • Boost energy levels

  • Support any diagnosed medical conditions or medications

I only take on a limited number of clients per month in order that I can best support them during the duration of their package and provide a truly personal service. 

My exclusive Executive Nutrition package also includes a free Adrenal Stress Test profile (worth £105) which allows us to see exactly how stress may be affecting your health.