Hypnotherapy is a safe space in which positive change can be made.  It is a natural state of mind that we naturally go in and out of, but you just may not have realised it: self-talk, taking a shower, daydreaming, reading, watching TV, driving or sitting in a boring meeting …

In this state, the conscious mind is relaxed (or altered). We are aware but relaxed in both body and mind at the same time.  The brain and our breathing slows down, we remain conscious (otherwise you’d be asleep!) and life goes on around you.  Formal hypnotherapy is just like this, it is a series of techniques that allow you to be your best.

I guide you to a place of deep relaxation, and as the conscious mind relaxes, the subconscious mind  becomes more open an accessible, allowing me to make the positive suggestions we will have discussed in the session.

You are in control at all times, and could open your eyes or move if you really wanted to.

Almost everyone can be hypnotised. Only certain people with specific mental illnesses and psychosis cannot be hypnotised. We will work at your pace so you feel completely comfortable and safe with the whole process.

I use hypnotherapy with my clients to  release stress, anxiety and panic, increase feelings of self-worth, ease pain and discomfort of physical symptoms, improve sleep, and resolve (often complex) relationships with food including reasons behind emotional eating or deprivation, and fears of certain foods or those who say they are ‘fussy eaters’.

I also work with clients on releasing any emotional childhood blocks or to help them understand and process events that happened in childhood, when we did not have the emotional intelligence to really know what was going on then.

Hypnotherapy can change hurtful habits and limiting beliefs, into helpful habits and beneficial ones.

And because our thoughts can affect us physically, this is why I use it in combination with nutrition.  Really bringing the mind and the body back in harmony with itself so that you can feel well and happier within yourself, mentally and physically.

So start your journey with me now, and let’s get you back to feeling like you again.


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