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May Wellness Spotlight

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

How are we in May Already ?!

Food wise, this is a great time of year for some of my favourite produce to come into season such as asparagus, new potatoes, peas and watercress!

There have also been some great products I’ve been using too which have made it into this month’s #wellnessspotlight

I have been in Majorca for the past month and this has been my trusty product on my morning walks, and while I work online from here.

“Did you know you should wear SPF in front of a computer”

Yes, I was surprised when I heard this too from my fab facialist Katina at Venus Inspired (THE best facials ever btw). Turns out, the blue light from our screens is a type of HEV (high energy visible light) and whilst the strongest source is from the sun, studies have shown that electronic screens can have a similar ageing effect on our skins too! Now I never go out without SPF indoors or out. This Heliocare product is super easy to apply, doesn’t make your face white or cause spots, and I can wear make-up on top too.

Whenever I travel, I always pack what is affectionately termed as ‘green gunge’ in my family! A green, freeze-dried powder to support me when my diet may be different while I’m away, and ensure that I get a good base support without having to lug lots of supplements with me too, as it is packed full of vitamin, minerals, probiotics and some veggies. Good Green Vitality is a powder that I simply mix with water first thing in the morning before I go for my walk. This will be coming with me next time I go away again.

Image: Linwoods

Image: Lakeland

Image: Lakeland

These have been a game-changer in my kitchen and have meant I can ditch the clingfilm at last! (I’m afraid I did try beeswax wrappers but just couldn’t get on with them!)

These fabric covers come in a set of four, each a different size, and the simply stretch over your plate or bowl.

Once used, just wash them in the washing machine. I bought one set and within a week I’d gone and bought two more as I use them all the time now … and they make you fridge look pretty!

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