This programme is for you if you are struggling emotionally and mentally day-to-day.  You no longer recognise yourself in the mirror anymore, and are not where you thought you would be at this stage of your life. 

You are struggling with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, stress or emotional eating and physically there may be symptoms such as digestive issues, weight gain, hormonal problems or acne that only seem to be getting worse.

You feel anxious and are overweight. You can’t remember what you had for breakfast yesterday and getting up in the morning is a real struggle.  You feel constantly tired and older than your years, and often seek refuge in food (or alcohol) for comfort.  Your moods are unstable, you feel bloated no matter what you eat and you just don’t know how to make it all stop.

Using my unique combination of nutrition, functional medicine and hypnotherapy, I will work with you to bring you to a place of good health, mentally and physically.  I will work to the root cause or causes of your health, offering every day, practical and realistic changes to your diet and lifestyle but also working emotionally on any blocks or negative beliefs that may be holding you back.

Through this 12-week programme, I am able to offer you more concentrated support and so that together we can get you back to good health, and reconnect with yourself, as quickly as possible. By working closely together, it allows me to better understand you, your health concerns and the challenges that life may through your way, as well as supporting you and motivating you when life tries to throw you off track.

Here’s what is included in the programme:

An initial 90-minute in-depth functional nutrition and lifestyle assessment

  • I will look at your full health and medical history, current diet and lifestyle, family history and any other factors that may be affecting how your health.  

  • We will then discuss how we will be working together over the coming weeks, and you will also receive a personalised nutrition plan, sent to you within 48 hours,  after this session which will form the basis of our work.

Weekly sessions

  • Then over the next 11 weeks we will meet or speak weekly in order that I can support you closely in your changes and reassess how you are getting on with your nutrition plan.

  • These follow-up sessions may also include hypnotherapy and/or specific stress and anxiety management tools and techniques to support you on your journey. 

  • Each session will be tailored to what you need at that time, and always with your health goals in mind.

By working this closely together, it allows us to implement real change but also to tackle any questions or challenges that may arise, as and when they come up.  I have found that working with clients on a monthly basis leaves too much of a gap between sessions, and therefore too much opportunity for things to go wrong or for you to slip back into old habits when life gets in the way again.

Supplements and functional testing – I may recommend specific supplements to support your health and/or functional testing as part of your consultations in order that I can better support you individually.  You will receive a 10% discount on all supplements.  Any testing will be discussed in your sessions as prices vary.  This may include looking at your digestive or hormonal health,  including thyroid, cortisol (stress) and/or sex hormones.  The cost of any supplements and testing is not included in the price.


  • Your commitment to working with me over 12 sessions

  • The belief that you can and will feel better, with my help and support

  • To understand that this is a journey and not a race

A reminder of what is involved:

  • Initial 90-minute full functional nutrition and lifestyle assessment

  • 11 x weekly follow-up sessions (up to 60 minutes per session)

  • A combination of nutrition, hypnotherapy and stress management techniques throughout the programme that can be used for life

  • Personalised plans

  • Handouts and any additional support material to help you on your journey

  • 10% off all supplements

  • Analysis of any previous test results or tests that we may order 

The Re(connect) PROGRAMME: £1,200

Payment can be made in full or split into two equal payments

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