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Health & Wellness Coaching

Working together to help you achieve your health & wellbeing goals, whilst changing those old habits that hold you back

Helping you to find the tools and skills you need to reach your health goals

Making change to your health and wellbeing can be hard, especially when you are busy or have on-going health problems.  Along the way we have also picked up habits and behaviours that no longer serve us, or we can't seem to break no matter how hard we try.

This is where working with a health and wellbeing coach can really help, for many of our clients know what they should be doing, but actioning it or sticking to it is the hard part.


Help you to stay motivated

Our Health Coach helps you to stay on track, even on the bad days or when things don't go to plan.  It's like having your own personal cheerleader.


Guides you through dietary changes and food plans.

Making change can be overwhelming and often clients don't know where to start.  This is where our Health Coach can step in and help you find make the changes you need to improve your health, but also stick to the plan too!


Keeps you accountable

Accountability is the key - knowing you have someone to cheer you on, support you and help you overcome those hurdles that life has a habit of throwing at you.

Our Health & Wellness Coach also works alongside the Nutritionists here at Urban Wellness, helping you to implement the changes that are recommended so that you can improve your brain health and mental health quicker and easier.

Meet Kate

Health & Wellness Coach

Kate's personal health journey started with anxiety as a child & then high levels of stress as an adult. From taking a holistic approach, having coaching and seeing a nutritionist herself, her healing journey began.  

Kate believes we are all capable of exuding good health, and her goal is to motivate, guide and empower you, whilst supporting and helping you maintain long-term habits which lead to a more fulfilling, calmer and healthier life.

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