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Mental Health Nutrition

Nutritionists passionate about supporting and transforming you and your mental health

Welcome to Urban Wellness, an online nutrition and functional medicine clinic working with clients across the UK and Europe.


We know the power of personalised nutrition and positive lifestyle practices can transform health, and we love being able to guide clients on this journey.

Brain Health | Mental Health | Gut Health | Eating Disorders | Disordered eating

Mental health, Nutrition & Functional Medicine

As nutritional therapists, we help people improve their mental health using evidence based, realistic, and practical advice, together with functional testing.


Good mental health is more than just how we think! It is also about the food we eat, the sleep we get, and the lifestyle we lead, as well as supporting key systems in the body such as digestion, adrenals and hormones.  As registered nutritionists and functional medicine practitioners, we look at all the systems in the body and ensure that our plans are tailored to you, for no two people are the same, despite often having the same diagnosis.


Functional medicine is about recognising all the systems in the body, and how they work together, rather than individually, and as nutritional therapists we overlay this with nutrition advice that is personal and practical, and backed by science. 

Mental Health, Brain Health & Eating Disorders: Nutritionists helping you take back control of your health and relationship with food

Mental Health

Here at Urban Wellness, we are a team of nutritionists that specialise in working with clients to to restore mental wellness though nutrition, functional testing, lifestyle interventions and supplementation.  As nutritionists as also use science and evidence-based research to understand how the food you eat affects your moods, behaviour, and mental health, also known as Nutrition Psychiatry.

Brain Health

Good brain function is vital to our wellbeing and quality of life. Poor concentration, stress, brain fog, as well as neurodiversity such as ADHD and autism – these can all be signs that our brain is not getting adequate nutrition, or perhaps other systems in the body, such as gut, hormones or adrenals, are affecting our brain and its cognition. As nutritionists, we will work to restore optimal brain function through a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan.

Eating Disorders

We have trained eating disorders nutritionists on the team here at Urban Wellness to support you in your nutrition and relationship with food.  Whether you have received a formal eating disorder diagnosis, or struggle with disordered eating our nutritionists can help.  We are also experienced in working with those struggling with an eating disorder alongside other health concerns such as gut health or autoimmune.

Meet the Nutrition team

Registered Nutritionist

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Nicola has over 14 years’ experience as a nutritionist, and retrained after her own mental health took a turn for the worst in her 20s.  Through her own experience, and having now worked with hundreds of clients, she is passionate about the role nutrition and functional medicine plays in good mental health.  She is also an eating disorder nutritionist and works with clients with neurodiversity, trauma and addiction.

Health Coach


Kate believes that we are all capable of good mental health, and from personal experience of anxiety from a young age, her goal is to help guide and empower others to create long-lasting, positive change.  Kate believes we are all capable of good health, and her goal is to motivate, guide and empower you, whilst supporting and helping you maintain long-term habits which lead to a more fulfilling, calmer and healthier life.

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