Nicola Shubrook, Urban Wellness

My passion with food and wellbeing began in my 20s when I was busy carving out a career in media and ‘living the dream’ with a diet high in alcohol, bad foods and stress! However, when I started to suffer with anxiety and panic attacks I knew something had to change. 

I began reading and researching like crazy, looking for the magic cure, pill or trick that would just make the worry stop (which doesn’t exist by the way). I then started to learn about food and how easy, everyday changes to my diet could change how I felt. Change your food, change your mood! 

I began to learn everything I could about food and nutrition, and took myself off to college at CNM for a three-year Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, qualifying in 2009. I have since qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist from the ICH too, as the mind and the body are intrinsically linked and to find true balance we usually have to address both. I am currently studying with The Institute for Functional Medicine to be a Certified Practitioner here in the UK, as well as The National Centre for Eating Disorders to be a Master Practitioner.

I now work with clients to help them feel better both mentally and physically, using nutrition, hypnotherapy or a combination of the two, and through my own journey I have a particular interest in working with mental health and emotions around food.

I look forward to working with you

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