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July Wellness Spotlight

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Hello July !

This month has already started with a bang for me and the Urban Wellness clinic as I have a new nutritionist joining me next month in my online practice so that we can help more of you to feel well and nourished, I am launching an online programme this September (sign up to my emails to be the first to know when it launches - see end of this post) and very soon I will be announcing my first retreat for April 2022 in Mallorca so watch this space (and again sign up to my emails to make sure you don’t miss out on the news).

I have been using some great wellness products this last month which are featured below. As you know, I only recommend products I have tried and tested myself as I want to know that they work!


These are brilliant! They are a collection of five 100% natural, essential oil based aromatherapy balms that you literally rub onto your pulse points (such as wrists, temples or neck), taking a moment to breathe in the scent and fill it reviving or relaxing, depending on which one you have used.

This set comes in a convenient travel purse, but you can buy the balms individually too, and I have been using the ‘Focus’ one a lot in recent weeks as I have had a lot of writing and planning to do. Even as I sit here now writing this blog, I am wearing Focus on my wrists and can smell the dreamy scents of rosemary and sage wafting up!

This set includes: Focus, De-stress, Happy, Sleep Well and Escape (another of my favourites). This set makes a great gift or a pocket dose of daily self-care for you!


I love magnesium – I think it’s one of my favourite minerals and also one that I recommend to a lot of my clients in clinic. In today’s super busy world, many of us can fall short on magnesium as it’s the body’s natural relaxer and yet get used up pretty quickly by stress, sugar and caffeine!

One of the biggest areas I talk about with clients is gut health and regular bowel movements, and if you are not having a good bowel movement once a day then this is what we need to work towards. Constipation is one of the most common digestive issues I hear of, and this can be as a result of a number of things such as dehydrated, low fibre, slow bowel transit time, microbial imbalances, medication … a lot of my clients also tell me “I have always been constipated” but we need to get them bowels moving, and daily!

Lifestream Natural Magnesium Powder has been a long-standing favourite in my clinic because it is super easy to use, dosage can be easily managed because it is a powder, it’s affordable and it works brilliantly on constipation! The key here is to start really low and slow … this stuff can get to work pretty quickly and so I start clients on 1/3 tsp a day and build from there. Too much and you may find your bowels become too loose so knock it back. The great thing with magnesium as well is, you can just use it when you need it. You don’t always have to take it every day.


This time next week the UK could be in a heatwave, and hydration is SO important. It’s important regardless of the heat, but it may mean we need to drink more. Just some of the reasons why hydration is important:

  1. It helps to maintain body temperature

  2. It reduces fatigue

  3. It improves mood and concentration

  4. It may help prevent and reduce headaches

  5. It helps improve bowel movements and reduces constipation

Remember, your body can live weeks without food and just days without water!

I have been using Chilly’s for a few years now and they are great – not only are they easy to use and keep your water cool for ages, their vibrant colours and patterns actually make me want to drink more water. I don’t think there is actually any science behind this but, if I have my Chilly’s bottle on my desk or in my car I am much more likely to drink water, for I find that out of sight is out of mind!


Here’s my rules:

  1. At least 250ml on rising

  2. Aim to then have at least another 1.5 litres of water during the day

  3. This is in addition to any teas or coffees that contain caffeine

  4. Herbal teas are included in this 1.5 litres

  5. No to fruit juices, fizzy drinks and ‘no added sugar’ squashes!

  6. Drink more when it’s hot, maybe had some night sweats or when exercising

  7. And check you pee! It should be almost clear (not completely clear) throughout the day, unless you are taking a B vitamin (this make you urine fluorescent!) or have eaten certain foods such a beetroot, blackberries and maybe even carrots!

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