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What Does a Health Coach Do? Exploring the Role and Benefits of Health Coaching

Updated: Mar 19

Like personal trainers that help you to keep your exercise and fitness on track, health coaches are trainers for your diet and lifestyle. A health coach will look at your whole picture such as eating habits, time management, anxiety, and stress in order to help you achieve your health goals, and overcome some of the blocks that can often get in the way!

Exporing the Role and Benefits of Health Coaching with Urban Wellness

A Health Coach is a health professional who focuses on lifestyle and behavioural change and puts the power back in your hands!

We can go through life living and putting up with symptoms or we might have slipped into negative patterns from our past resulting in lifestyle choices we feel stuck in and unsure how we get out of them and it’s impacting our health and happiness preventing us from moving forwards. 

In the current climate with the ongoing burden on the NHS it’s almost impossible to be given the time to really focus on ourselves and our health in the right amount of time needed to make a noticeable impact. When we have our health we thrive on a different level and live the life we truly desire. 

Working alongside a Health Coach gives you that time and attention to really focus on you and your health, taking a holistic approach looking at your life as a whole. It gives you the confidence and knowledge to take responsibility of your health & overall well-being so that you can be proactive and reach your health goals by making healthier lifestyle choices.

Health coaching isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach it isn’t about one way of eating, moving or one way of living. We are all different and what works for one doesn’t for another. We all have unique dietary, lifestyle, emotional, and physical needs and this is the main consideration of a Health coach which is why it’s a completely bespoke service tailored to suit you and your life.

What can a Health Coach help you with?

Key topics that are often discussed with a Health Coach include:

  • Your health history and current health

  • Health goals

  • Lifestyle

  • Nutrition

  • Movement 

  • Environment (social connections, career, home)

  • Stress and anxiety  

  • Sleep

Small steps and consistency is the key to making lifelong changes towards your bigger goal(s). Setting realistic, enjoyable, sustainable and manageable goals with a Health coach sets you on the road to success! Health coaching is a client-led and collaborative process, you are the expert in your own life!

A Health coach is here to help you live a vibrant and abundant life, they are your very own personal cheer leader, they are a non-judgemental ally who is there as a constant guide, support and educator, who motivates you to take ownership whilst empowering you to take back control of your health and well-being and accomplish your goal(s)

How can I work with a Health Coach?

Here at Urban Wellness, you can work independently with our health coach or we offer integrated packages where you get to work with a nutritionist and a health coach. The nutritionist will set the goals and plan for your health, and the health coach will then help you implement it. It's the perfect combo for those who are super busy, or perhaps have tried many plans before but not been able to stick with it.

Book a call with our health coach today to find out more.


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