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June Wellness Spotlight

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

And here we are -

Halfway through the year! How did that happen? It has been a busy start to the year with one-to-one client sessions, and planning some exciting new programmes for later this year and a possible retreat in 2022 … watch this space!

In the meantime, here’s some of my favourite wellbeing products that I have been using this month:


Image: Wearth London


Collagen is all the rage in the beauty world at the moment, with it’s promises of anti-ageing. The reason I love collagen though (as well as keeping wrinkles at bay) is because it contains important amino acids that help support gut health.

It is our most abundant protein in the body and makes up our connective tissues, ligaments, muscles as well as skin. More research is needed in this space but those studies that have been carried out show promising results for its wide reaching benefits. You can read more about collagen supplements and their benefits in in an article I wrote for BBC Good Food recently here.

The reason I love Ancient + Brave is that it is tasteless, responsibly sourced and I literally stir a tsp in my coffee of a morning so it fits seamlessly into my routine.

You can get 15% off any of the Ancient + Brave range, just use the code WELLNESS15 at checkout.


Flaxseed (also called linseed) is one of my store cupboard go-to’s when it comes to nutrition and every day health. They have been milled for centuries, but over recent years we have begun to understand the power of these little seeds.

They are naturally high in protein but there are two reasons I love them, and encourage my clients to include them daily.

They are a good source of all-important fibre, which most of us typically do not get enough of in our daily diets.

Did you know we are supposed to have 30g of fibre a day and yet the average is probably around 18g?

Image: Linwoods

Image: Linwoods

Just one tablespoon of flaxseeds packs 3g of fibre, and this fibre then does two important jobs: It feeds the good bacteria in our gut, and it binds to stools to increase their bulk and allow them to become softer, helping with regular bowel movements and reducing constipation

They are also a great source of my favourite nutrient, omega 3 (well technically the plant-based form which is called alpha-lipoic acid or ALA). Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid, which means we have to get it from food as the body cannot make it by itself. For those of you who are vegan or don’t like/eat oily fish then flaxseeds are a must!

They can be bought whole or ground, but ideally you want to eat them ground so that you can maximise their nutrients, otherwise whole seeds can often ‘pass through’ without being digested completely. So, if you buy them whole then you’ll need to grind them, or for convenience I have a packet of ground flaxseeds in the fridge, like Linwoods, and you can then just add a tbsp or two to your cereal, porridge, yoghurt, smoothie, soups or stews. You can easily buy them in the supermarkets and health food shops. N.B. It’s important to keep ground flaxseeds in the fridge to stop them going rancid and losing their oil benefits.

As always, if you have any product recommendations, or would like to find out more about how to work with me then contact me here or book a free 30-minute discovery call.

Image: Wearth London

Image: Wearth London


A tongue scraper has been a part of my dental hygiene routine for a number of years now. Copper is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, and this is a great tool to use after you have cleaned your teeth to scrape away any remaining toxins or bacteria.

When I hear clients using the back of their toothbrush to scrub their tongue I wince! All you are doing is loosening the toxins and bacteria and then swallowing some of it down into the digestive system which could then cause an imbalance in your all-important microbiome.

Did you know in fact that we have an oral microbiome too? Yep! It plays a vital part in not just our oral health, helping prevent against tooth decay and gingivitis, but it also plays a role in preventing other systemic health concerns such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s and irritable bowel disease (to name a few).

You can buy copper tongue scrapers from many different online stores including Wearth London, £4.99 and they last for YEARS!





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